Sustainability, What’s In It For Me?

Sustainability is about living well, within certain limits.

Selling sustainability to you, the consumer, continues to be difficult because we all like consuming so much.

From surveys, we know you value and support tackling worthy social and/or environmental issues,
and we know you care about the planet.
But, we also know that not all those good intentions translate into good purchase decisions.

We want to help close the values-action gap.
It is not enough just buying the "feel-good factor" or a guilt "offset" from products advertised as "green", "clean" or "eco-friendly".


These benefits = real consumer value

We want you, the consumer, to reap the REAL benefits like those listed below - real benefits such as these consumer benefits listed below offer - that sustainable living offers - including saving time and money and improving your quality of life! 

  • Do they: add value for money; enhance performance or efficacy;
    provide improved quality; add to safety; add or improve your health or well-being or,
    make life easier?

  • Do they: use less energy; help reduce carbon emissions; use less or conserve water or,
    do they help conserve biodiversity?

  • Do they: provide enjoyment; offer more comfort; improve your sensory experience; improve you self-worth or,
    make life happier?

  • Do they: bring the family together; make you more appealing in the eyes of others; show how 'cool' or smart or informed you are or, offer a sense of community or a sense of belonging?