Adding Value to Your Property

 Building, Painting, Remodeling, Renovating, Installing ...

Our Home Improvement team provides a range of construction-and renovation – related services. 
We outsource to reliable, referred contractors who have worked with us for years - contractors who specialize in repairing damage to homes, building new additions to homes or both, house painting, landscaping and far more.

Call Jan (0403 805306)  or John (0411 884 641) – both are widely experienced in project management and property management

We know how to get the job done right.  We strive to provide good work at competitive prices.

Add or Improve Essential Gardens (& Enhance Your Well-Being)

With the price of land at a premium around Australia, most city dwellers are fortunate if they have an outdoor space
of any description - whether a private garden, small patio or simply a balcony. 
This  however is not a handicap, it is just another challenge; in fact, one can be amazed at what can be done to make
the most of whatever garden space or other spaces you have available.  Even a concrete balcony can be completely
transformed into a welcoming sight throughout the year!  We can help you - give us a call to discuss your wishes.

The greatest advantage of having a garden is that it:

  • extends the living space to the maximum - patios, decks, balconies, back yards or even a roof terrace
  • helps sustain our general well-being
  • supports biodiversity and,
  • is good for the atmosphere

This applies equally to a balcony or even a window box. 

Enjoy Essential Garden Ideas Here