About our Operation & Our Real Estate Consultants


Our vision is to care for our clients while caring for the environment and society. 
To be profitable and sustainable, we need to bear a good spirit of enterprise and by doing things efficiently and ethically.  We are here to help people find their place to live healthy and happy lives.

The Real Estate Industry is extremely competitive - always.  The Coupers' business model is built around being different. 

Your goals are our goals -  quality builds, healthy housing, healthy living environment -  and that is the fundamental difference between Coupers Realty and many other high-pressure real estate agencies.   We are focused on being honest and ethical, providing value upfront and providing a "no pressure" experience for sellers versus, chasing after business. Even when it comes to unnecessary marketing costs for vendors - things like large, ugly signage out front of homes (visual pollution in many cases) and brochures - we have always offered digital brochures (printable) because we consider over-the-top, multi-page printed brochures a shocking waste of resources - most end up on the floor of the car anyway.

If there is one word we can use to describe what makes Coupers Realty different from competing agencies, it's patience and eagerness to be of service. Members of our team all come with extensive real-life experiences and a willingness to give their best to their real estate undertakings.  We know from experience that perseverance, persistence, patience and collaboration are essential skills in our industry to achieve success.

We are greatly appreciative for the clients we have, and the new ones we continue to meet.  Call into our office on Moonah Links for a chat and a coffee - we're here 7 days a week.

At Coupers, our team including out-sourced experts, are LOCALS OF THE AREA IN WHICH THEY OPERATE (the southern Mornington Peninsula).  We are a LOCAL Real Estate Company building LOCAL relationships. 

We operate differently because our main focus is not being nor becoming the top selling agents on the Peninsula - although it just so happens that John Couper is the top agent in our area of Fingal 3939 - selling 30 properties in the last twelve months.  Our focus is on providing a great experience for our clients - sellers and buyers.  From the technologies we invest in, to the careful choice of words we use in marketing your property. 

We choose to have a great support team of professionals and specialists in their fields to assist in achieving good results for clients.  These include out-sourced experts: internet marketing specialists; web site developers; technology back-up specialists; professional photographer; architectural and environmental professional advice for our clients; skilled local tradespersons, businesses and other local experts we recommend.


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John Couper Principal, Director, Sales Manager

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Jan Couper Business Development; Marketing

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