Seek out Solution Providers of Sustainable Products ,
Sustainable Brands

Sustainable products, services and behaviours are the future.

They are better for you, better for the planet and better for business.
We are here to help you experience and reap the benefits

Coming soon will be listings of solution providers to assist you in making better choices.

Pick and Choose Better Ways to Make Your Residence
More Sustainable, Healthier and Energy Efficient:

Quality Insulation      Non-toxic paints and sealants       Programmable Thermostats        Energy Efficient Appliances  

Natural Flooring           Local Building Materials        Natural Fibre Rugs and Fabrics                Energy Efficient Lighting

Insulated Hot Water Pipes       Tankless Water Heaters       Window and Door Seals        Native Plants for Landscaping     Garden Installers / Maintenance

Don't fall for the 'green wash' marketing of so many brands.
Every sustainable product or campaign needs to answer the question " what's in it for the consumer? "