Quick Tips


*The Gardening Revolution

How encouraging it is to witness so many young people taking a greater interest in gardening – whether it is to grow their own herbs on the windowsill, plant a pot of mixed greens to harvest at will or taking bold steps to reshape outdoor living spaces.
So, if you are wondering what to give the new home owner, the child who is setting up their own apartment or even grandma in the retirement/ aged care facility, a holiday gift or birthday gift for any age or stage in life, one cannot go wrong with a living plant of some kind.
P.S. I was horrified to find when visiting an old friend in an aged care facility that all the indoor “greenery” and “colour” was fake.
What a wonderful therapy it would be for inmates to have their own plant to care for – “a green pet” that responds to sweet talk and occasional drink and just keeps on giving – cleaning the air, providing natural beauty.
Jan C.

*Walk with Nature
Walk to work, school, the shops or to visit a neighbour in order to connect with the seasons.  Observe how the local trees and shrubs change, the habits of the birds, the wind direction ...  Talk about it with your walking partner - even take a selfie with your favourite tree or ground cover.  Have you consider why your favourite walks ARE just that?  Would it have anything to do with the surrounding natural beauty - the trees?  Perhaps one should start considering bringing some of that naturally beautiful environment close to home.

Can't get out? Take a closer look at the magnificent images on our Pinterest Boards.
Jan C.


*Growtime: Plant a pot of mixed herbs to make your home grown,  refreshing herbal tea.
These are best planted in a pot or they run rampant in the garden.
For a mint tea: a few leaves of Mentha x piperata; For a Turkish-style version, a few leaves ofMentha longifolia - schimperi (I like with sugar); Just two leaves of lemon verbena (Aloysia citriodora) makes a sweet fragrant tea; A mixed blend of Mellissa officinalis (lemon balm), lemon verbena and/or mint is a mild blend - great the day after a late night.
Jan C.